3 Questions to Increase Reviews

I was on a coaching call with the great Tony Baroni and we were talking about getting reviews. Now, Tony is an expert on this because his team has over 2200 or 2300 five-star reviews. In fact, they have so many reviews it is its own lead generation source. People who search his business online find them because of their reviews and then ultimately end up reaching out purely because of the number of five-star reviews they have.

One of the most critical conversion rate numbers any business owner should know is…

“What is my closed unit to five-star review percentage?”

If you’re a real estate agent and you close a hundred homes, how many of those people leave you at least one five-star review? We believe that number should be 75 or 75%. If you don’t know it, it’s time to find out so you can track it every single week and month.

This brought us into another conversation. Peter Drucker, who was a great management consultant said, “what gets measured, gets improved.” There are three questions around reviews that you can ask inside of your weekly team meetings to really drive the energy and focus behind this…

Who did we close last week that we got a review from?

Who did we close last week that we didn’t get a review from?

Who are we closing this week that we will get a review from?

All you have to do is repeat those questions.

Check out the worksheet so you can track and trend your reviews.

This is so important. If you nail this it can become an integral part of your business. It can help your business grow. Take reviews seriously, make sure that you’re tracking that conversion rate, and that you add those three questions to your weekly team meetings.