5 Areas of 10%

Today I want to share with you an immensely powerful tool that will show you a wealth of options regarding how you increase your profit without necessarily just chasing more leads.

This file can be opened by any spreadsheet software, like Microsoft Excel. To use it in Google Sheets as I do, simply start a new Google Sheets document, then choose File>Import>Upload and select the file from the folder you downloaded it to and choose “Replace Spreadsheet” from the dropdown menu that appears.

Now I know this is a pretty dry tool, and won’t appeal to those who don’t get excited by numbers, but once you get your production numbers accurately logged into this sheet, I promise you that you will be more than pleased with the ability it gives you to turn up the dial on the amount of money your company is holding on to.

You’ll need to track down this year’s production numbers and accurately enter them into the left-most green column and it will begin to auto-populate the rest for you. Once you dive into this sheet, be sure that you are only altering the green cells, as the rest contain the formulas necessary for it to function, and you won’t want to break it by fiddling with those.

The beauty of this tracking tool is that it shows you each of the “dials” you can tweak in pursuit of your profit goal, many of which you may not have been aware of before now. By making incremental changes in your company to just a few of these metrics you will see increases of profit from 10, 20, or even 40% or more. All without generating a single extra lead. 

If you are a client of mine, reach to me with your version of this spreadsheet, if not, you should take this to your own coach or operations manager. What should come out of this spreadsheet is an action plan that allows you to get a clear path towards increased profit and the specifics of how that plan will be carried out. What I trust you will walk away with after filling this out is the importance of having a profit goal, rather than a unit goal, and how much easier and fun it is to tweak a profit goal and how many more options you have to achieve your goal other than simply chasing more units.

I trust you found this helpful and would love your feedback about how to make this even better. Go make it happen!