5 Database Calls

You’ve probably heard me say before that you are not call reluctant you’re value deficient. And so what we want to do is provide you a menu, a variety of different types of calls that you can make to your database so that your approach and message never gets stale. Then you’re much more likely to actually make those calls

I call this the Five C’s, so each of these calls starts with a C, that makes it easy to remember. Rather than me walking through every single one of them, what we’ve done is we’ve just built a very simple visual aid down below that you can download and start to use.

My suggestion to you is look at it every single quarter. You’re just going to choose a different style of call because as you know, you probably need to be calling your database a minimum of once per quarter and mixing it up between different types of calls makes it really, really easy.

This pairs really great with the previous growth tool that we’ve done on your value toolkit. I think if you take those two things and really mirror them together, you’re kind of a lean mean database machine.

So check that out, go make your calls to your database, build a long lasting relationship and connection with them.