Building Your Value Toolkit

Today I want to talk to you about a Value Toolkit. As professionals, all of us are tasked with constantly engineering value for our marketplace. I was on a call a while back with a group of three or four high-level coaches and I asked the question, “What are the five value adds that every real estate professional should have in their toolkit?” I.e. What is the five value adds they should be offering to their marketplace? After a great discussion, we narrowed it down and answered the question. These are really great.


The first one is teaching. Most of us are in the entrepreneurial world, and there is typically something that we are passionate about teaching. This could be investing, maybe you are really great at real estate investing. So you take the Millionaire Real Estate Investor course workshop, and you start hosting investing workshops. Maybe another one could be like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace because you’re passionate about getting out of debt. It could be teaching young professionals how to find the right life and career for themselves, so you get certified in Quantum Leap. The list goes on and on. The question is what are you passionate enough about that you would be willing to teach it to your local market?


The second one is events. Events that you are putting on in person. My favorite all-time in-person event comes from Alan Strange who is a MAPS coach and a Rainmaker from Denver, Colorado. Every year, he hosts an event where he buys a bunch of girl scout cookies and rents out a brewery. He brings everybody together and they do a girl scout cookie beer pairing. I think that’s so funny and cool.

Others could be like the Loken group renting out their local zoo or movie theater. You don’t always have to design your own events you can also tag on to events. If there’s something local, like a wedding gala, or a running race see how you can get involved or act as a sponsor. Even micro-events, like one of my clients Meg Daday. Instead of really large events, she hosts very small events. She’s done things like cryptocurrency, or she hired a sleep coach recently and had her come in and share. You should be having some type of event at a minimum quarterly that is open to your market or your database.

Events are just for in person. Make certain you consult the visual aid tool above further explore what you can be hosting.

Network List

The third one is your network list. I remember Gary saying 5-10 years ago, that Angie’s List only exists because agents weren’t doing their job. If anyone gets forms a relationship with you, part of that relationship value should come with your network list. Your network list is a list of the professionals that you know in every field, not just the ones that are tied to real estate. Who’s the best chiropractor in town? Who’s the best attorney? Where’s the best yoga studio? Think of it like it’s your mission to assemble the top 50 local experts in your area. Once you have built a relationship with them and have vetted them as professionals distribute that list as a resource for people who come into your world or into your database. Download this Industry Guide Sheet to get your mind rolling.

Local Expert

The fourth one is local expert. You’re the person that people turn to for expertise. You’re the local economists of choice on all things real estate and the real estate market. You’re interpreting what it’s doing and communicating it back to your database so they have the information they need to look smart in front of their friends and make really sound decisions. Also, studying and communicating new mortgage products or regulations that might change for the better or for the worse in your area. You’re the local expert on all things real estate. Maybe you need to be hosting a weekly podcast or interviewing builders, commercial developers, or city commissioners. talking to the people who do. So local expert is all about the real estate industry and the real estate market.

Community Cause

And then lastly, a community cause. Think of a cause or charity that you and your team are aligned around. I mean something that truly pulls at your heartstrings. This may be something like ending child abuse or helping people buy affordable homes. Maybe it’s something else for kids like Make A Wish. You could also design your own, where you create your own 5013C and start to raise funds, host events, raise awareness and create the infrastructure to support a cause that is really important to you.

Right there is the bare essentials Value Toolkit that every real estate professional should build. Go get those five things and make sure that everyone knows that you have them. Do this and I think you’re really setting yourself up for huge success.