Call in, Opt-in, Come in

The world’s simplest database communication plan.

You may be reluctant to call contacts in your database, but in our experience, there’s no such thing as call-reluctance, you’re simply value-deficient. Use the Call-in, Opt-in, Come-in method to engineer the value you’re lacking and make your contacts look forward to hearing from you.

The genius of this is its simplicity.

Many agents over-complicate the process by following a campaign-driven touch process that requires too much planning. What we’ve developed is a calendar-based approach that is adaptable and fresh from month to month.

At the beginning of the month, all you have to do is decide which of the following methods makes the most sense for your business.


Choose something to give away and ask people to call in to enter for their chance to win. Maybe this is something as simple as one of several date-night packages, or as extravagant as a new piece of technology.


This is the same idea as the Call-in except that instead of them calling in the register, they simply fill out a form. Whether that’s a Google form, Jotform, Bombbomb, or whatever it is that you happen to use, we’ve found this to be very effective and does not create as much chaos in the operations at the office, as nobody has to be on-hand to answer phones.


This method is essentially a reverse “pop-by”, where you ask the contacts to come to your office or another location to receive a prize or an item. Before the pandemic, we had a lot of success with “pie days” for pie giveaways. 

Bonus…Go Out

Going out is what we in the real estate industry refer to as a Pop By. There are many different methods and ideas behind this process. The long and short of it is to simply choose a gift that you will go out and deliver to the doorsteps of your database members. It can be a long and arduous process and that is why we recommend it. Your competition will find the same excuse and choose not to do this you have a bigger opportunity to stand out. Click here for a great list of Pop By ideas.

Your new value offer

The genius of this is its simplicity. All you have to do is choose one and make that the center of all your marketing and communication for the month. Now you’re no longer value-deficient, so you’re no longer call-reluctant.

 I trust this was helpful and I wish you great success with it!