Change your relationship to failure

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What many of us consider to be failure is simply the results  we produced wrapped in our own personal drama.  When our expectations go unmet we reduce ourselves to pain rather than  lift ourselves to curiosity.  This self induced pain is what takes so many people out of the game long before they have had enough time to fully develop. 

From now on I’m going to invite you to develop a new relationship with failure…

People who consistently perform at the outer limits of their abilities avoid the expectation failure drama trap.  No, the best in the world look at failure differently.  They believe in results.  Everything you take action on creates a result.  You are always creating results and there are two types; the ones you want and the ones you don’t.  I call these yay results or nay results. 

When you learn to separate the results you are producing from the feelings of failure you are feeling you have created a new life laboratory.  This life laboratory gives you the freedom and flexibility to fully develop into whatever you truly intend to be.  Every result is something to learn from rather than a painful experience to work through.  This perspective creates a whole new relationship with “failure.”

True failure only occurs when you make the conscious decision to quit.  Failure is 1000% within your control.  If what you want is worth getting then give yourself the time to full develop and learn along the way.