Last week, I had the opportunity to go down to Austin and attend Gary Keller’s team Mastermind. While we were there, he posed this question: what problem in your business or life have you solved that can become a scalable business? This topic is something I’ve been passionate about, actually, for a few years. I’ll use Jennie Walek as an example. Jenny is a systems person. What she has done is taken her systems, the ones that she has built and implemented in her own business, and built them into a series of courses. Now she has Mirror My Business, and Implement My Business.

What Gary said is that Keller Williams is a distribution network, so what do you want to distribute through it? If you look at what Jennie did, she answered the questions, “what problem have I solved” and “how can this become a scalable business”? Now that those solutions are built off into a completely separate company from her real estate practice. Not to mention that as a member of Keller Williams, it has a side benefit of bringing in all sorts of referrals to her team because of the exposure she’s gotten from teaching and training and coaching, training and coaching that she enjoys doing anyway.

This is something that every one of us should be looking into and asking and answering that question for ourselves. Now, if you don’t have a proven solution to a problem, then I would encourage you to stay in the lab until you have something that produces results because there’s a lot of snake-oil salesmen out there selling stuff that doesn’t actually work. Look around you and think about what things you’ve already solved or built, that can become scalable business solutions for other people.

Ben Kenny, is another great example of this with Brivity. My understanding is that he originally built that platform as just a communication CRM through his expansions, and then looked up and realize it is something he could sell or license to the entire industry.

Up above, we’ve got the handout that Gary gave everyone, called DINOMO. Gary and his team put together their best guess at all the different products and services that anybody in the company has the opportunity to possibly distribute through the KW network. So check it out, ask yourself the question “What problem have I solved in my business or my life that can become a scalable business” and let’s see what you come up with. If there’s any way that I can help you with it, feel free to reach out to me jordanfreed.kw.com. Thanks and catch us on our next Growth Tool!