Five G Your Team

Many of you have a database of people that you count on for new, repeat, and referral business. In fact, you’ve probably heard Gary Keller say “your business is your database.” Your mission is to position yourself as the real estate professional of choice to that group of people thus gaining their mindshare. The success of your real estate career will be gauged by the number of people who when they think of real estate think of you.

One of the best ways we stay engaged with our databases is through what we call a 36-Touch system. The aim of the 36 Touch program is to touch your database 36 times a year minimum through multiple medias. Check out our version of the 36 Touch we call the 10.25.90. here. The program works if you work it and yet a mistake many of us who own real estate businesses make is we only have a 36 Touch program for our clients.

You don’t send one thing to your client database and expect new, repeat, and referral business to rain in on you… Why do we expect the same from our team?

How can we use the 36 Touch format to double or triple the engagement of our teams?

Enter the 5 G System…

The 5 G program is an internal 36-Touch with the intent to keep your people engaged throughout the year using a variety of different methods. It’s designed to help you lead in a more effective way while making it fun. Included here are exercises, examples, and approaches for you. I would invite you to set this up and to start running with it. You’ll be amazed at what will happen when you have a program for systematized engagement that you’re seeking from your team.

Guides 1x a Month

Life and Industry Training

Monthly Zoom Training with Rainmakers, Team Members, Coaches who are crushing it. This might also include people who are in their same roles such as Buyer Specialists, Listing Specialists, Directors of Operations, etc.. No one is a prophet in their own town and let’s face it your team gets tired of listening to you. Sometimes while running a business, just like being a parent, we can have the right message and yet be the wrong messenger. Your team needs to hear from other people than you but don’t just do this haphazardly. Be intentional about who you bring in. For example, recently I was coaching a rainmaker and we based the monthly training on getting their listing conversion numbers up because they had fallen below standard. Where is your team a little weak? Where do they need help? What topic would have the greatest impact on their performance? Now go find the trainers they need to take their game to the next level.

Gain 1x a Month

This is really cool. Every month during one of your team meetings choose one of the exercises below to do together. Some are better to do during certain parts of the year but don’t get caught up in that too much. Our goal is to help them think differently. To teach them to dream and design their lives. Remember thinking big is a skill that needs that can be taught. Use these to help them tap into their intrinsic motivation to fund their lives through the business.

Team Exercises 

  1. Life By Design: Listing Agent and Buyer Agent (October) 
  2. Motivational Interview (November) 
  3. 5-Year Business Plan (December) 
  4. Dollar Per Hour 
  5. Net Worth Tracker
  6. Wheel of Life
  7. Greenies, Reddies, Brownies
  8. Pain vs Pleasure 
  9. 7 Circles Exercise 
  10. The Countdown to Payday 
  11. Prospecting Efficiency 
  12. Core Values List

We know you will need a little more instruction with some of these and the goal isn’t necessarily to only use the exercises we have outlined here. The idea is to have at least 12 thought provoking, life designing, fun, and engaging exercises you all do as a team. Use one of these in your first team meeting per month.

Grow 2x a Month

Lead Generation Days as a team two days per month with a pre-determined theme.  

  1. Appt Days-Choose a number of appointments you’ll set as a team in one day and nail it (example: today we will hit 25 appts set!)  
  2. Door Knocking Days-Get your team out there to knock 1000 doors in one day
  3. Database Days/Event Day/Invite Day/Client Party-Check out our Call-In, Opt-In, Come-In, Zoom-In system for this)
  4. Open House Days-Listen to Jordan Davis discuss how to knock the cover off the ball with Open Houses)
  5. Small Business Days-Use this day to connect with 50 or 100 small businesses in your area. Check out our Net Worth is in your Network page)

Gamify 1x a Quarter

There are a lot of different ways to use this. Break your team into mini teams and allow them to compete using the scoring system below or one like it. Create an individual contest where everyone including the operations team can play. Make it fun. Make it winnable. And make the score public for bragging rights. Incorporate prizes and giveaways where possible to get buy-in and keep the momentum.

Scoring System Example

Agreement Signed-1
Promise Signed-2
Contract Accepted-2
Closed Unit-3
Closing Photo w/ Client-3 
5 Star Review-4

Go 2x a year

Attend at least two national training events together as a team. Take the people who want to go not the prisoners who don’t. You can tie this to the Gamify section of the 5 G Program by offering to pay for any or all of the trip. Find topics that are relevant and interesting to everyone. Traveling and learning together strengthens bonds and relationshiops.

These experiences do not have to be learning-based. They could just be a trip for fun or as a reward for hitting their goal. One team I coach recently took their entire team to Mexico for reaching their goal. Talk about a culture-building system right?

There you go. That’s it. Use the 5 G system to increase engagement, enhance culture, and become the organization that the right people never want to leave.