Implementing Your 12 Week Year

We dive deeper into the 12 Week Year, breaking it down into three manageable chunks. The first is how we ultimately look at time, the second is about perceiving and managing performance, and then we’re going to talk about your plan.

We’ve also included a wealth of useful resources and links to help you to fully apply these powerful concepts to your own real estate business.

Watch part one of this two-part series.

Helpful Links

Get Your Copy of the 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran.

Download the Values List: Circle all your top values, then whittle it down to your top 5. Video: 17:45

Download the Wheel of Life Exercise: Using your 5 values from the Values List above, rate each from 1 to 10. Add them up and divide by 50 to get your percentile score. Video: 18:36

Download the State Meter: Circle the states that you regularly experience. Awareness of where you are, internally, will help you find a path to the states you’d like to be in. Video: 23:15

Download the Vision and Life Worksheet: Begin mapping your 12 Week Year. Note: Do not edit this link, please make a copy. Video: 41:35

Download the Presentation Slides: Implementing Your 12 Week Year.