November 10th, 2022

Medicine Cabinet of the Mind

If I was standing inside your home with a headache and asked you for an ibuprofen would you have one?  For most of us the answer is yes and it would be found in your medicine cabinet.   Our medicine cabinets have all kinds of useful remedies depending upon what is ailing us.

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October 24th, 2022

Frustration Intolerance & Emotional Hypertrophy

People know how to win. They understand the mechanics of piecing together a winning business, relationship, or life. The information is everywhere. And yet time and again I witness a relationship to those mechanics that doesn’t equate to winning. The challenge? We don’t know how to deal with the emotions of losing. We don’t know how to deal with pain. In fact it is our intolerance of the emotions we don’t want to feel in the pursuit of what we do that so often keeps from living a life on our terms. Fear, doubt, frustration, rejection etc.

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