“You’ve probably heard of AI or Artificial Intelligence, right? This morning during my Wim Hof breathing exercises it occurred to me that we are all born with AI; Automation Intelligence. Your mind is a supercomputer that is constantly calculating and codifying to conserve energy. It does this through the process of Identifying and Installing Habits. Since we are using geeky computer science language here we will call this process I2

This is a blessing and a curse. Your Automation Intelligence lacks the ability to identify and install based on what’s healthy or destructive. It’s am-moral and will just as easily install a toxin as it will a tonic. Identification is purely based upon what is continuously presented to it through your thoughts, states, and actions. The more you regularly engage in a thought, state, or action the increased likelihood of it being installed as a habit. This is why we must be mindful. Once your Automation Intelligence codes a pattern into habit it becomes a part of your nervous system and drops below your consciousness. Now it is a part of you. Good, bad, or indifferent.

The real issue here is how destructive one unconsciously installed bad habit can be. Imagine that you are die-hard about your nutrition. You eat clean by all medical definitions 99.9% of the time. But the .01% you ingest strychnine. Lethal doses of strychnine are generally accepted as 1 to 2 mg/kg although death has been reported at lower doses. One bad habit can be spiritual, mental, and physical strychnine. You can be absolutely perfect but one bad habit can literally ruin your life.

My goal in sharing this isn’t to scare you. My goal is to help you wake up. I’ve found time and again that people major in minor things and minor in major things. Your habits matter. Be mindful. Do the work to uninstall the bad habits you’ve picked up and consciously choose the ones you need. Use your Automation Intelligence wisely and it will take you anywhere you choose. Even to the path of freedom.”