The State Meter

I want to share with you one of the most powerful coaching tools we’ve ever developed, called the State Meter. It’s a tool to help us to identify the emotional states we are regularly experiencing in order to elevate ourselves into states that will not only make us more effective in our daily endeavors but also dramatically increase the quality of our lives and experiences.

 Let’s start by defining what a state is. My favorite definition of this comes from a brain coach, speaker, and the author of the book, Limitless, Jim Kwik: “Your state is a snapshot of your mood, the mood of your mind and your body. It is the emotional well being that you feel in this exact moment.”

What we’ve discovered is that all states break off into one of two categories: blessed or suffering. And then when you look at the intensity of those states they range from calm to charged.

What I’ve come to learn is that most people only experience about 10 to 12 states consistently, and the types of states you settle into dramatically affect the quality of your life experiences. So in other words: how you feel is your life.

The types of states you settle into dramatically affect the quality of your life experiences.

Where are you emotionally? What is the snapshot of your mood, consistently?

What I want you to do is take this print it off and just ask yourself which of these states do I consistently regularly experience. And again, for most people, and maybe you’re the exception 10 to 12 and I’m not looking for, you know, the one-off like you have some big deal or something great happens and you’re euphoric, not the things that happen every now and then. Where do you live, consistently? The first thing is to figure that out so that we can ultimately start to create a plan and for you to move to the area of the state meter that you would want to live in if you’re not already there or to enhance the state that you have.