The Ultimate Coaching Questionnaire

Today I want to walk you through The Ultimate Coaching Questionnaire. This is the questionnaire I’ve been working on for a few weeks to help onboard new clients. If you’re a coach, a rainmaker, or you own your own business, I think that these questions are critical for the people that you’re ultimately in business with.

This questionnaire is designed for onboarding coaching clients, so some of it may not be pertinent for what it is that you ultimately want. It’s really a holistic 360 degree view of a person and their relationships and their environment. The goal is when you’re working with somebody to start with a ton of good information, so that you can ultimately take them from wherever they are, to wherever they want to be, with the smallest amount of inconvenience or interference, as you’ve heard me say before.

This tool kind of speaks for itself. I would encourage you to download the PDF and check it out for yourself. Maybe rip off and duplicate a few of the ideas or just use what we have here. I really believe at this point in my coaching career that if I had this in the beginning, man, I would have been able to help people so much faster. Check out the ultimate coaching questionnaire and see how you can apply it to yourself, your business or your coaching clients, and let me know how it works for you!

Thank you