What Type of Agent are You?

This is a question better answered through your behavior than your words. Your actions are telling. There are four categories that create four types of agents.

Four categories of agents

The four categories agents : growth, lifestyle, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs.  Each category outlines what drives a person and how this drive translates into their professional and personal lives.

1. Growth Entrepreneurs

Someone who looks at their business like a sport — they want to compete and grow. It’s not really about the money. Business is simply a means to personally develop.  

2. Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

The business is truly just a means to support a certain lifestyle. If lifestyle agents had passive income that could support the lifestyle they wanted, they would probably stop working. In short, they work for money.

3. Growth Intrapreneurs

Growth-minded agents who want to build something inside the ecosystem of someone else’s vision. They think big and take massive action and like being a part of an organization. Most fortune 500 company CEO’s fit here.

4. Lifestyle Intrapreneurs

Lifestyle agents who want to operate inside of someone else’s ecosystem but are driven by funding a certain level of lifestyle. Will normally plateau around 36 units annually.

Which quadrant best describes you? Are you hanging out in a quadrant that doesn’t match your true motivation?

Self-mastery is knowing what you can and cannot change

Some of us may struggle with the desire to be in another category, but this may not be something you can choose. Although there are many things you can choose in your life in order to live by design, knowing what drives you is equal parts design and discovery. One of the worst things you can do is try to be something you’re not. It won’t help you reach the goals that will give you the most fulfilling life possible and it may even hold you back from finding the important things that can give you more meaning from day-to-day.

Business isn’t your only arena

There are a lot of arenas you can find personal growth in.  One of my greatest arenas is the relationship I have with my children. They teach me to be flexible and constantly push me to grow. This is a big reason why I don’t think one category is necessarily better than the other. You can only judge them by your true motivations. Search for all of the arenas you can experience growth in. Doing so will create a much more well rounded life for you to enjoy.