What’s The Step You Missed

I was on a coaching call about a month ago and had a realization that really transformed the way that I coach. 

I was talking to a gentleman who, in the last 12 months, his business had netted about 1.2 million. In the industry I’m in, this is really strong. He also has been putting some key players into the right positions so that the business can ultimately operate and grow independent of them. 

He was in a position where a lot of business owners would really love to be, and that a lot of business owners strive to be but yet he was struggling because he didn’t know what his next step was. Now that he is able to move on, he wasn’t clear on what it was he wanted to do. I started looking at the questionnaires that he was sending to me. Whenever I onboard a client, I use some pretty intense questionnaires to truly understand what the problem is and what the obstacle is that’s keeping them from getting what they want. Throughout that entire questionnaire, he made so many references to his health that it just hit me right between the eyes. I said to him, “What if your next step isn’t being revealed to you because you’ve actually missed a step?” Then I said, “What’s the step you feel you’ve missed most in the journey of your life? What’s the lesson you can’t seem to learn?”

“What if your next step isn’t being revealed to you because you’ve actually missed the step?”

He looked at me and he said, “It’s my health.” 

I said, “Yeah, that’s right. In fact, you mentioned health like four or five times in your questionnaire. What if the next step not being revealed to you is actually God or the Universe protecting you from self destruction? It seems like if you had your next step in business, if you had clarity on your next venture you would run off and focus on that and that would ultimately cause your health to get to a point that it would act against you.” 

It’s kind of like that old adage that you’re going to make time for wellness. Or you’ll make time for illness. 

Then I said, “So, what if you’re being protected because there’s a step that you missed?” That question actually changed everything. What he did is he hired a personal trainer, and he hired a nutritionist. It’s been about two months now and his energy and health have never been better and the next steps are starting to be revealed. 

So for those of you who hear this, what I want you to understand is that if the next step in your life isn’t being revealed, I want you to think of it kind of like a video game. If you’re not getting from one level to the next, it’s probably because you missed a step. 

I would encourage you to answer this question; “What’s the step that I’ve missed? What’s the step that I’ve ultimately got to get right in order to move on to the next level?” 

Focus on that and see what you ultimately come up with.